The Legacy Chuppah is a new idea that will lend a unique and special touch to your special day. You supply the photos, and we standardize the look of the images, arrange them according to your wishes, and create a one-of-a kind piece of fabric that will be the centerpiece of your chuppah.


Create a stunning focal point for the ceremony, as well as a treasured keepsake.

Your Legacy Chuppah can show:

• the bride and groom - a single image or images of their life to date

• current family members and friends

• family members and friends of blessed memory

• members of the wedding party

• treasured pets

• images of places that provide special memories

• other images that provide touchpoints to the day and the joining of families


Use a single image or many.                                                    Add special text.

Choose the colors that match your theme and decor.

Note:  The Legacy Chuppah consists of the fabric only.  Additional decoration, such as flowers or wood framing, as well as means to hang the fabric, are supplied by you.
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